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You're a few simple api calls away from the blockchain

We've included below a few examples of how easy it is to interact with Blockery. 
We're using python, but you can use whatever language you like.

See our api documentation for a full definition of our REST api, with examples!

Send your token to a user

import requests

new_payment = {
    "address": "addr1slkdjf",
    "amount": { "quantity": 55, "unit": "8flksjdf98.DK" }

headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer loremipsumtoken'}'', headers=headers, json=new_payment)

Mint a new token

import requests

new_token = {
    "name": "DK",
    "amount":  21000000

headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer loremipsumtoken'}'', headers=headers, json=new_token)

Mint an NFT

import requests

new_nfts = [{
    "name": "DK001",
    "nft": true,
    "metadata": {
      "image": "ipfs://ipsum"

headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer loremipsumtoken'}'', headers=headers, json=new_nfts)

Subscribe to all events for a user

import blockery


Subscribe to only events related to your nfts

import blockery

blockery.subscribe("addr1lorem", asset_id="lorem.DK")

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