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Our Mission

To reduce costs, improve development velocity, and ensure security for businesses integrating with the blockchain. 

Image by Hitesh Choudhary

Our Story

The team at Blockery has been involved in blockchain since 2013. During this time, we've contributed to a number of projects. These have ranged the gamut from discord bots, to on-chain payment processing, to nft drop automation. 

During this period we came to recognize that these needs (and others!) must be abstracted into an easy to consume package. The problem are blockchains which take a lot of heavy lifting to integrate with. Blockery is the solution.

Our Team


8 years of experience co-founding and participating in various startups around the Bay Area. Over 10 years in technical product development. Multiple successful ventures under his belt. Currently in San Francisco.



Senior software developer with 10+ years of experience working in Bay Area startups - neuroscience-based brain training, casual gaming and e-learning.  Bitcoin investor and crypto enthusiast since 2013. 

Image by Milan Seitler

Frontend Engineering

Veteran frontend-engineering pro bringing experience from a broad array of projects to bear on the Blockery frontend systems.

Sanjit Singh
Director of Sales

Founder of the sales-model development company Sanjit is an expert in building growth engines from the ground up.



Jerry Chen
Blockchain Integration and Backend Engineering

Founder of the open source project pycardano. Jerry provides expert guidance to blockery on optimal strategies for integrating with the blockchain 

Paul Fuller
Financial Advisor

Paul is an excellent CPA who brings deep experience to blockery advising on all things financial.


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